Mirror Image Auto Detailing Service In Asheville

Mirror Image Auto Detailing Asheville strive to be the best car detailers in the Asheville NC area and are consistently using the latest products and tools to assure that your vehicle will be safely and properly detailed. Our asheville auto detailing team is chosen for not only thier skills but thier passion for thier trade. Everything from concours-level detailing to cleaning up you daily driver. Our team is the best detailers in Asheville. We take pride in our work so that you can take pride in your car. We never compromise on quality, so we use some of the best materials available for our work. With our quick response times and timely turnaround, you'll be able to get your car back soon.

Mobile Wash Service Asheville NC


Our Mobile Maintenance Club is designed for our members to keep their vehicle detailed at all times. Visits vary according to your driving schedule; heavy drivers may opt for a weekly car wash, where lighter drivers may hire us for a monthly vehicle wash. We usually require a full vehicle detail prior to our visits. Every 4 washes receive a free wax. old datadata

  1. The rims will be presoaked with <500 psi of water to loosen break dust.
  2. A Maguire rim cleaner will be sprayed on all metal surfaces of rim and one minute of time allowed for product to loosen up break dust.
  3. A soft nylon brush will be used to remove any remaining break dust and washed off with pressure water.
  4. The inside of the rim and wheel well will also be cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner and more stiff brush used to clean surface and then sprayed off.
  5. The same will be done to the other three tires of vehicle.
Headlight Repair Asheville NC

Cleaning With Deionized Water

The vehicle is then pulled inside a shaded area to be dried with use of a shammy and the painted surfaces and a blue towel to inly follow on external glass to leave a perfect finish.Next follows the blowing of all body panels of vehicle to get out any standing water avoiding water streaks on body panels.

  • -The blower will also be used to remove any standing water from the rims and leaving them spotless and free of harsh drying techniques used by rags to dry custom rims.
  • -vac inside of vehicle with use of five different vac tools to safely remove dirt and dust from carpet
  • To all wood, metal and vinyl surfaces inside vehicle.
  • -remove of all unwanted materials meant for the trash.
  • -use of interior shammy to wipe down all interior surfaces inside vehicle for what was up by vac clean inside glass, wipe down all door jams and clean cup holders and air vents.
  • -Finish with a solvent based tire dressing that has no product to be slung off tire onto body panel.
  • -Clean chrome exhausts tips where applicable.
  • Wheel Repair Asheville NC

    Professional Insurance

    No matter how much we trust our detailer we must protect ourselves against the “what-ifs”. No Detailer can promise that he will never make a mistake. This is an extra precautionary measure that may save you a serious headache one day.

    Paint Chip Repair Asheville NC

    Professional Equipment

    Here is list of some items you may want to check for:
    1. High Speed Buffer (buffing and polishing)
    2. Orbital (waxing)
    3. Hot water extractor (carpets and seats)
    4. Wet /Dry vacuum
    5. Spot free water (some detailers provide spot free water)
    6. Electrical air deodorizer (removes smell from vehicle)
    7. Low pressure – pressure washer
    8. Professional brand name of waxes and cleaner (be leery of the detailer who stopped by the local auto parts store before going to work)

    Cleaning Packages Asheville NC

    CLEANING PACKAGES - You Get What You Pay For

    Initial assessments are done on a case by case basis. Every vehicle has its unique needs due to use and Sun exposure. Once a wash has been performed then will a quote be given?

    1. Small cars -two door 1-2hrs cleaning time $65.00
    2. Med/large cars four door 2-3 hrs. $75.00
    3. Large cars/SUV’s conversions 2.5-3.5hrs $85.00
    4. Exterior Details Clear Coat /paint rejuvenation and protection.
    5. Exterior details are based on an hourly rate of $60.00/hr.

    Why Choose Us?

    • FREE Consultations • Full Auto Detailing Service • Competitive Pricing • 10 Years Experience • Licensed • Insured • Quality Craftsmanship • Exceptional Work ethic • Timeliness